Chrish Kresge is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner. She graduated from a four-year, 850+ hour training in the Feldenkrais Method® in 1999 in Boulder, Colorado (USA).

Chrish works with people of all ages and backgrounds, using movement as a primary tool for improving self-awareness, posture, voice, health and wellness.  Chrish is also an actor, producer and director. She is passionate about using her diverse skills and background to help people find their optimal selves and innate dignity. 

Chrish has been teaching the Feldenkrais Method® across the world for over 20 years in places such as the U.S., Ghana, Morocco, France, and Nepal.  During her teaching of the Feldenkrais Method, Chrish offers her students an enriching experience consisting of mental and physical improvement through natural, easy, and pleasurable ways of moving, using the brain’s amazing capacity to reorganize the body. 

In addition to working with performing artists and business executives alike, Chrish specializes in working with individuals with disabilities, and is also a graduate of the Anat Baniel Neuromovement® Method for Children. Her studies with Ruthy Alon (Movement Intelligence) have also informed her work in many ways.

She is currently studying at the Feldenkrais Training Academy in Seattle with Dr. Jeffrey Haller.

A long-time actor and theatre director, Chrish has performed in and directed numerous musicals and plays, both in the U.S. and internationally. She trained in London at the Central School of Speech and Drama and studied voice at the Royal Academy of Music with Edgar Evans, former principal tenor soloist at the Royal Opera House. Chrish studied directing at the British Theater Association, and is fluent in French, German, Italian and Arabic.

Chrish is currently co-editing a book about the Feldenkrais Method, Learning Through the Nervous System, due to be published by Handspring Publishing (UK) in January 2020.

Chrish has served 3 terms on the national Board of Directors of the Feldenkrais Guild® of North America and has chaired numerous annual Feldenkrais Method® conferences in North America..

She maintains an active private practice and teaches five group Feldenkrais classes per week in her studio in Northwest Washington, D.C.   

About The Feldenkrais® Guild

The Feldenkrais Guild of North America was established by Moshe Feldenkrais before his death to oversee standards of training and professional conduct, in conjunction with Feldenkrais guilds in other countries through the International Feldenkrais Federation and a system of international Training Accreditation Boards.

To find out more about The Feldenkrais Guild, visit their website at The website contains many articles about the Feldenkrais Method®, a listing of members throughout the world, and the code of professional conduct.

The terms Feldenkrais Method®, Feldenkrais®, Awareness Through Movement®, and Functional Integrationare registered service marks of the Feldenkrais Guild. Guild-Certified Feldenkrais Teacher® and Guild-Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner® are certification marks of the Feldenkrais Guild®–which is itself a collective mark of The Feldenkrais Guild.

It is through legal ownership of these terms that the Feldenkrais Guild and the international Feldenkrais community are able to ensure training standards and professional conduct towards the public.

Please contact Chrish to sign up for an Awareness Through Movement® class or a private Functional Integration® lesson, or just to find out more.

Chrish Kresge
Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner
2814 38th St., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20007