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Bones for Life® (BFL) is an exercise program created by Ruthy Alon as a natural movement-based alternative for improving bone health and preventing osteoporosis. It is based on the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. The uniqueness of the BFL program lies in its use of weight-bearing patterns to teach safe transmission of force through the skeleton, without causing shearing stress in vulnerable joints.

Chrish Kresge Feldenkrais bones for life movement

Themes of the BFL Program include:

• Promoting an optimally upright posture

• Aligning the spine to prevent cervical and lumbar compression

• Facilitating postural stability in all weight-bearing activities

• Distributing loads proportionally throughout the entire skeletal system

• Cultivating anatomical flexibility of the joints, and resilience of the bones

• Upgrading the ability of bone to withstand pressure by using rhythmic pulsations

• Training the hip joints to safely sustain body weight while in motion

• Restoring functional springiness to the knees

• Practicing ergonomic weight-lifting

The Program

The 90 “Processes” that comprise the Bones for Life® protocol effectively constitute a training in optimal human biomechanics. BFL uses weight-bearing in the context of proper body alignment to teach ergonomically sound ways of sitting, standing, walking, and how to perform a full range of human activities safely and easily.

All BFL Processes emphasize keeping your skeleton aligned while coping with progressively demanding anti-gravity movement challenges.

The details of coordinating BFL’s anatomically precise patterns of mobilization are first learned in gentle “greenhouse” conditions, while lying on the floor. At a later stage, more dynamic activities — such as bouncing on the heels, symbolic running, and modified jumping — are practiced in the vertical plane while wrapped in a 7-meter long cloth, which helps organize bodily components into a unified and streamlined whole. The movement sequences employed in the BFL program derive from the varied and resourceful primal patterns of locomotion found in nature, which have proven effective throughout the course of evolution.

Lifting weights, the most well-known stimulus for increasing bone mass, is approached in the BFL program using non-conventional trajectories of movement, such as standing while being supported by a wall. The more your posture improves, the stronger your bones become. And when your movement is coordinated as nature meant, the very weight of your body itself spontaneously works to strengthen bone in the activities of daily life.

Your improved upright posture radiates a confident Body Language of Leadership, and also inspires a joyous spirit which Ruthy Alon calls “Biological Optimism”.