Mini Awareness Through Movement Lesson #1

Gently and slowly turn your head to the left and then to the right. Notice the place on the wall that is the point you can see with no feeling of strain in the neck. This should not be the maximum that you can turn. A very small turn is okay. Repeat this a few times, each time noticing the point on the wall that is the farthest you can comfortably see.

Cradle your head with the palms of your hands, so that the heel of your hands is at your jawline, and the fingers rest on the sides of your eyes. Your elbows are resting on your chest with your forearms together as much as possible.

Keeping your elbows glued to your chest with your hands cradling your head, gently turn to the left side only as far as is comfortable and then back to the center. Then turn to the right side. Repeat this to the left and the right a few times. Notice that your upper body is turning.

Drop your hands to your lap again and pause briefly. Then, cupping your head again in the same position as before, look upwards gently and then downwards. Do this a few times and stop.

Turn your head to the right and then the left. Do you see a point that was farther than the point you saw when you began?

Do this sitting at your computer from time to time – the AWARENESS of what you are doing is most important.

Mini Awareness Through Movement Lesson #2

Lie down on the floor with your legs straight. Notice how much space is behind your lower back. If your back hurts, bend your knees. Otherwise, keep your legs straight.

With your arms at your sides, lift your head for a moment to look at your feet. Notice how high your head lifts easily. The key word is “easily.” Don’t strain, please! Make a mental note of how high your head went.

Please bend your knees and place your feet about hip-width apart.

Cross your hands over your sternum (breastbone).

Gently press down on your sternum. Does it feel springy or immovable? Can you feel movement in your chest as you do this?

Gently press down on your sternum several times. Think of your sternum as simultaneously going closer to the floor and closer to your pelvis.

Now slowly lift your head as you press down on your sternum with your crossed hands. Does your head lift higher?

Slowly lift your head a few times while gently pressing down on your sternum.