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spring events

April 8, 2021

Upcoming Workshop with Chrish

Sunday, April 25th Workshop 2.00 - 4:00 PM EDT

Sitting to Standing and Back to the Floor- with Pleasure and Less Effort

Do you dread getting to the floor in case you can’t get up again? You are not alone – many people avoid it and rob themselves of the pleasure and salutory effects of sitting on the floor. The feeling of joyful empowerment once you master this skill will make you feel like a kid again! And your balance and coordination will also improve.

Please join me on Sunday, April 25th for the Sitting with Pleasure Workshop Part 2.

This time we will learn how to get down to the floor and up again, easily and without effort.
After a brief review of Sitting Part 1, we’ll begin the slow and easy step-by-step exploration of how to spiral to the floor safely, and find our way back up to standing.
Spring events Sitting with Pleasure part 2 workshop sitting to standing and back
And there will be plenty of time resting on your back!
Please contact me and reserve your space for Sitting Workshop Part 2, Effortlessly Moving to the Floor to Sit and return to Standing, by registering right here.
When: Sunday, April 25th, 2-4pm EDT
Where: On Zoom!
Cost: $35.
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